People across the US have been turning to Instant CheckMate for their background-checking needs for almost a decade. As one of the largest search engines of people in the world, it uses a vast selection of state-wide public records, social media networks and other online data points to help more than seven-million everyday people each month perform criminal background checks, learn about new friends and much more. Instant CheckMate is backed up by more than 70,000 five-star using ratings and an A* rating with the BBB, making it a trusted provider for searching emails, people, phone numbers and locations.

Like all other good providers, Instant CheckMate comes in app form for accurate searches on the move. Its highly dependable US-based support team is available throughout the week to take on any queries and is there to help with everything from how to get the most out of the service to using the app. It also operates its own crime blog, covering everything from international news to digital safety.

Search Capabilities

Background Check: Instant CheckMate gives its subscribers the chance to perform thorough, in-depth searches on just about any American citizen. With nothing more than just a first and last name to go off, Instant CheckMate’s sophisticated searching tool sifts through numerous data points to offer everything from previous addresses and contact details to family members and former associates. Anyone looking to confirm doubts they have in a new friend or wanting to really get to know their new neighbors would learn a lot with a standard background check.

Sex offender database: Not everyone truly knows their neighbors, especially if you’re moving to a new area. You might find that with a basic search on the internet, you’ll learn a lot more about who lives there and what the area’s actually like. Should you find out you moved your family near a sex offender, you’ll probably wish that you’d done a search before you relocated. Instant CheckMate searches all local, state and federal records for these convictions, and can help you make a better, more informed decision on your next move.

Arrest records: With Instant CheckMate, subscribers can search for all arrest records throughout the states that include traffic violations, violence, theft and robbery, drugs and alcohol, and business. The reports give more information than just the crimes, for anyone looking to learn more about someone who recently got arrested, like a long-lost friend. They give more information on the arrest, such as pending convictions, fines and criminal classification, but also more detailed biographical information, like where they’re from, their age, known family and so on.  

Inmate Search: We all lose touch with a lot of our friends at some point, and it’s always a shock to hear when they’ve wound up in prison. But reconnecting can be hard, even without prison involved. InstantCheckMate runs searches on the nationwide inmate database, so anyone looking to find out where a friend is incarcerated, or verify the information of a US prisoner, can do so. The more information that can be given, like which state or city they’re locked up in, the easier it is to find who you’re looking for.

Criminal Records Database: You only know what someone is prepared to reveal about themselves when you meet them for the first time. It takes a while to really get to know someone. For all you know, that new friend or boyfriend or girlfriend could have a serious history of violence or worse. That person you met briefly on vacation and are planning a road trip with could have DUIs and other traffic violations you don’t know about. Before putting yourself or others at risk, InstantCheckMate’s tool for checking the criminal-records database could be the reassurance you need.

Reverse Phone Lookup: If you keep receiving calls from strange numbers or one you don’t recognize, Instant CheckMate has you covered. With a reverse phone lookup, all you need to do is enter the number into the search tool, and you’ll see that person’s location, social media profiles, age and address. It’s also a useful tool for checking in on a company you’re considering going into business with, or if you’re about to meet an online seller at their home.

Best Uses

Instant CheckMate isn’t just good for one service but for many. Its comprehensive background checks, covering everything from phone and email lookups to inmate searches, are a solid option for the average person who needs to learn more. With premium reports, subscribers have the option to enhance their findings with more advanced content, though basically all essential search criteria can be found in the standard reports anyway.

Instant CheckMate applies a focus on safety, with many of its functions, like accessing the criminal record database, arrests, sex-offender registry and inmate search, working to keep subscribers informed and protected. It’s good to know the people around you and your family, and these tools allow you to keep your suspicions discreet and your family safe.

Anyone concerned about the legitimacy and privacy of people-searching services can feel reassured by Instant CheckMate. It’s protected by Norton cybersecurity software, and all searches are 128-bit encrypted for added security. For those who want a bit more for their money, their news-and-crime blog is well established and updated with new features and breaking content daily.

Plans & Pricing

1 Month Membership: $22.86 /mo

3 Month Membership: $14.86 /mo (billed $44.58)

6 Month Membership: $9.86 /mo (billed $59.16)

Premium Reports: $19.99

Report in PDF: $1.99 (one-time fee)

Instant CheckMate offers multiple price plans and payment options, and refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. They add additional charges if a user wants to download the report in PDF form and if they want to purchase a premium report. The differences between standard and premium reports can be found below.

Standard Reports: These include personal information like birthday and name, relatives, contact information, accommodation history, criminal and arrest records, traffic violations, social-network profiles. FAA Pilot licenses, sex-offender registry and horoscope information.

Premium Reports: Premium reports include everything mentioned above, but also information on civil judgments, corporate affiliations, UCC filings, property and title ownership, tax liens, permits for weapons, fishing and hunting, foreclosures, neighbors and business associates. Decide whether this information is something you’ll need in your analysis before forking out another $20 for a premium report.

Bottom Line

Instant CheckMate is quite a pricey service but it’s flexible on subscription options. It mostly delivers on its promise of accurate, extensive reports, which can be enhanced with premium reports. It would be better if this information came as part of the standard subscription given that they’re not actually guaranteed to have the information you pay for in the first place. For standard background checks, though, it is quite accurate, given that it sifts through millions of records across numerous online data points, and uses social-media networks in its searches.

Its ability to search so many crime-based records makes for informed choices on who we spend time with, who we let into our family’s lives and where we decide to live. These aren’t easy decisions, but they can be helped with discreet reports from Instant CheckMate. Having a crime-blog alongside their people-searching service does make the understanding of the whole process much simpler, but they also have a decent customer care team for any service issues or questions.