Intelius was formed back in 2003 to bring high-quality background-checking services to the US. It uses expansive search criteria as well as numerous data points to comb through millions of records to offer the most accurate results. With multiple price plans and one-off usages available, anyone that chooses Intelius can be flexible.  

Knowing how our information is used and how to handle how much we give away is more important now than ever. With Intelius, their free blog is enough to help people stay informed and entertained on public-record information, like what to use it for, why it’s available and how the knowledge can improve our lives. It also runs a service called Classmates, wholly committed to reconnecting old pals. The question is, though, does Intelius follow through?

Search Capabilities

Background Checks: A thorough background check can really tell you a lot about someone. It really pays off when you’ve made a new friend or you’re dating to set aside your concerns in a discreet way. Intelius background checks are extensive and cover the local, federal and state records, though it’ll cost more for each remit. An Intelius background check can include everything from a person’s biographical information to their previous lawsuits and marriage-and-divorce records.

Reverse Phone Lookup: A reverse phone lookup is there to help people verify who’s on the other end of the line. You could be meeting an online seller or want to learn more about a spam call, either way, this feature will tell you what you need to know. It includes their address, name, and age, and can be the difference between making an informed decision or not. Any form of people searching can give us the reassurance we need when dealing with people we don’t know.

Criminal and Arrest Search: Searching criminal records is a good way to keep your family safe in a new or old neighborhood. Not everyone truly knows the people who live around them and finding out what you need to know could take some time. Intelius allows you to search the criminal history of your neighborhood and to make more educated decisions on where to raise your family.

Best Uses

Due to its flexibility, Intelius is good for the one-off uses, though it’s not exactly cost-effective. It does have accurate information and it pulls from plenty of sources, but be sure of the person you’re looking for if this is how you intend to use it. For anyone who wants the membership, it probably pays off to go for the mobile version, given that much of its services are cheaper on there and the subscription itself is too. 

If you’re someone who expects a bit more from their provider, be sure to check out their blog and Classmates feature.

Plans & Pricing

The pricing system at Intelius isn’t necessarily the standard way, but it opens users up to a lot of flexibility that can’t always be found elsewhere. Different prices apply to different services and it all depends on how detailed the information that you’re looking for needs to be, hence why a background check is more expensive than a reverse phone lookup, for example. The benefit here is that anyone looking for a professional one-off search can do so without signing on, though only very few services don’t require signing up for their Intelius Premier Plus package, which costs $19.95 /mo (currently discounted at 50% off). 

When using the Intelius app instead of the desktop version, the price system is different altogether and can actually be a lot cheaper. The payment plans are as follows:

24-hour People Search Pass - $19.95: This feature is for anyone who wants to perform an unlimited number of searches in 24 hours. While the searches might be unlimited, they only offer what can be found in a basic people search, like name and aliases, date of birth and their relatives. Should you want their current address and phone number, this will cost an extra $9.95 on top of the initial $19.95 charge. This option doesn’t require a Premium Plus membership. 

Background Check - $39.95 with existing membership: Background checks offer the most sophisticated reports on people but they also come at the most cost with Intelius. It has the personal information of its people-search function but it includes more detailed information like previous bankruptcies, arrest-and-criminal records and marriage records. Just like with the 24-hour people search pass, it costs $7.95 for current phone number and address details but adds a further $19.95 to expand the search into state or federal records. Anyone not looking to sign up to Premium Plus must pay a one-off $49.95.

Criminal Records Check: For those who want to check someone’s criminal and arrest history, Intelius users can search these databases without having to pay for a full background check. This makes it more convenient and also less costly, though there are charges involved. For a statewide search, it’ll cost $14.95 with membership and $19.95 without, and a nationwide search costs $29.95 for members and $39.95 for non-members. These can pull up felonies, charges, misdemeanors, DUIs, case numbers, offense dates and much more.

Reverse Phone Lookup - $0.95 each with membership: No one likes getting bugged by crank calls or scamming diallers, which is what usually turns us to reverse phone lookups. With Intelius, searching with just a number can turn up someone’s basic contact information, but they cost $0.95 per search. And if you need to verify if the number is still active, it’ll cost an additional $4.95.

Mobile Plans: The Intelius app itself is free to download for both iOS and Android, and comes with a two-day unlimited trial of its people search and reverse phone lookup services. Searches and background checks come at a cost after that but some of the basic features remain free. Mobile users only need to pay $9.99 a month for their membership but can upgrade to mobile-and-web access for $19.99  a month. Their services tend to be lower in cost on the app too. Where one background check on the desktop version costs $49.99, you can get nearly three for that cost on the app, as they’re $19.99

Bottom Line

Ultimately, Intelius is a service that can provide its users with expansive search criteria and multiple options for getting the information you need. That being said, it’s rather vague on its pricing structure and users have to pay, in some cases, substantial amounts alongside their Premier Plus membership. Though it does cater to non-subscribers the charges are hiked, and canceling the service can be a bit difficult according to some previous users. Intelius doesn’t offer refunds for dissatisfaction so be sure it’s the service you want. 

Intelius supplies apps for iOS and Android, which can make using its service much more flexible and affordable. They offer several different plans exclusive to phone users and some of their services and house a feature called Classmates, devoted to reuniting old friends from school with more than 70,000 US residents available on there. They also run, much like other providers, a blog for all things relating to public records, like how to manage the information of our own that’s out there.