Anyone in need of people-searching services in the US has plenty of online options, but there aren’t so many with as much experience as PeopleFinders. They’ve been offering their services throughout the states for 20 years this year, giving their users the chance to effortlessly search more than 250 million online profiles to create detailed reports. They’re able to establish such accurate profiles by combing through more than 40 billion public records, and at local, state and federal levels. 

Along with their commitment to reliable reports, they’re fair on their pricing and even allow for one-time uses, something a lot of providers won’t offer, especially at the rate PeopleFinders do. Anyone who intends to do multiple searches would benefit from the low subscription cost, as well its easy-to-use interface and wide range of tools available. They offer everything from reverse phone lookup to background checks, covering a person’s biographical information, criminal history and more. Keep reading to learn about PeopleFinders’ services, their prices, and best uses.

Search Capabilities

Background Check: A background check is by far the most sophisticated tool PeopleFinders offers. As long as the information exists in public record, a report can contain a person’s age and birthday, phone number, email address, address history, known associates like family members, property ownership, criminal and arrest history, civil history like bankruptcies and for certain states, marriage and divorce records. Their background checks don’t contain any social-network information and this is one of the best ways of tracking down friends or distant relatives, but their reports are comprehensive and are made by searching through billions of records. There’s a high probablity that you’ll find the person you’re looking for on there anyway. Anyone who wants a one-time background check can get one with PeopleFinders, but it’ll cost roughly $40, which is more than the price of one month’s premium membership.

Reverse phone lookup: A reverse phone lookup with PeopleFinders is so straightforward that there’s really no need to put up with crank calls or people trying to scam you. Just simply enter the phone number that keeps calling and it’ll come up with information about them, like their name and address. It can also be a good way to verify an online seller so you’re not meeting a stranger without first getting some peace of mind. 

Criminal Records: There are a lot of reasons to want to know someone’s criminal history but finding it out can be the hard part. PeopleFinders gives anyone the chance to make a quick and simple inquiry into someone’s criminal and arrest history while keeping total discretion. They even offer information on how to handle the information once you have it. So if you want to get to know your daughter’s new boyfriend a little better or you’re unsure about an elderly relative’s new acquaintance, this feature has you covered.

People Search: People searching is effortless with PeopleFinders and it can be the difference between reuniting with family and never tracking them down. With name and location information, you can find everyone living in that region, along with details like their age and potential relatives, making it easier to pinpoint the person you’re after. The people-searching tool on PeopleFinders is incredibly simple to use and the information presented is easy to understand, which is partly what makes it so accessible. 

Address Lookup: Address lookup is the ideal feature for anyone who’s considering moving home or wants to learn more about the area they live in. It can give you the reassurance you need that you’ve picked the right area to put your roots down and raise a family. PeopleFinders offers comprehensive reports on residencies throughout the US -- simply type in the address to find out about who lives in the area, what businesses are there and the level of crime that it endures.

PeopleFinders App: The PeopleFinders app is great for searching on the move. It’s a free app and users can perform both people searches and background checks on there. It also comes with a bunch of free features for keeping your device protected like CallerID, hacked account monitoring, call blocking and spam/scammer protection. All of these features are exclusive to the app and you should consider using it for them alone. There aren’t that many longstanding providers like PeopleFinders that offer free mobile protection alongside their services.

Best Uses

Anyone looking for a service with wide search parameters should consider PeopleFinders. It comes with a variety of features like address lookup and people search so that users have some flexibility in what it is they’re searching for. Not everyone needs full background checks but if you plan to use PeopleFinders more than once, you’ll benefit from its subscription rather than one-off payments. Not all providers offer the chance for single-use searches so if you’re not looking for a subscription, PeopleFinders could be the provider you’re looking for. 

It doesn’t include social media in its criteria and this tends to be the most effective way of reconnecting with old friends and family members. If this is your reason for picking a new provider then you’ll probably want to pick a different one. PeopleFinders does, however, search more than 40 billion records, so it can be spot on in the information it provides outside of social-networking. It also offers three-day trials for both its standard and premium memberships so you can sample the service before committing to monthly subscriptions. PeopleFinders’ customer care team doesn’t have live chat, an important feature for some people, but its team is otherwise responsive. Their app comes with a bundle of security features, in addition to people searching and background checks, which anyone would benefit from.

Plans & Pricing

Three-day trial membership: $0.95
Three-day trial premium membership: $3.95
PeopleFinders Membership: $24.95 /mo
PeopleFinders Premium Membership: $29.95 /mo

There are plenty of different services offered by PeopleFinders but not all memberships can access them. If you want to use all of its features then you’re going to need the premium membership. Individual background checks cost around $40

Three-day trial membership: reverse phone lookup and people search report. 

Three-day trial premium membership: reverse phone lookup, people search, background check, criminal and arrest records, property and financial records, marriage and divorce records, and birth and death records.

PeopleFinders Membership: reverse phone lookup and people search report.

PeopleFinders Premium Membership: reverse phone lookup, people search, background check, criminal and arrest records, property and financial records, marriage and divorce records, and birth and death records.

Bottom Line

PeopleFinders is one of the best services out there as it can produce highly accurate reports at a lower cost than a lot of its rivals. Lending easy access to more than 40 billion public records is what makes PeopleFinders stand out and their reports so precise. Its multiple subscription plans and one-off reports come reasonably priced with its services starting at just $2, but there’s a three-day free trial for just $0.95 for anyone who wants to test it out. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with old friends and family or vet new ones, PeopleFinders can offer the comprehensive information you need.

PeopleFinders does charge a small membership cancellation fee and they don’t offer live chat support, but they do have a decent customer care team who can help with any issues. The interface for all their tools is incredibly simple to use and can start bringing up the results you’re looking for with nothing more than the person’s name. Their reports are made for easy understanding and can be accessed by people of all competencies.